Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I''s and I''s Pure DVD Set Recall

Just a quick FYI for all our customers:

Viz has issued a general retailer recall for the entire first pressing of the I's DVD Collection. This afternoon I got this e-mail from Viz:

...we need to recall the recent shipment of I's Vol 1 (782009240099), which streets on 3/24/09. The disc overlay was switched, so on some sets the content on Disc one is actually Disc two content, etc. This product shipped from Simon and Schuster before the transition. They are sending call tags for the bad product and we are sending out new shipments with the corrected product....

So a small portion of the sets in the first pressing of I's have been found defective and apparently have the content for the second disk pressed on the first disk. Viz has issued a general retailer recall for these so we have pulled all our remaining inventory to send back for replacement and have placed the set back on pre-order. They will be shipping us replacement sets sometime next week.

Now I know the street date for this set was set for March 24th, and replacements should be available before the official street date. Thing is, we got them in and have been shipping them to customers since mid-February, and have sent out around 185 sets to date (of the 240 we got in) before we pulled them for the recall. So far NO ONE has reported this problem or any problem at all to us with the sets and personally I don't think any of the sets we got in have this issue, but we're participating in the exchange anyway just to be safe. If you do have a problem with this set (and darn it, only if you actually bought it from us please!), let us know and we'll replace it for you once Viz ships us our replacement stock.

Those folks at Viz like to keep our lives interesting, that's for sure... -_^

UPDATE (3/23): All of our in stock copies have now been replaced by Viz, so this title is good to go again. Order away!

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circlenine said...

Oh wow, not a Bandai issue. Shock and awe.