Monday, March 23, 2009

Funimation Inks R1 Deal With Gonzo

Funimation announced on Friday that they have cut a deal with studio Gonzo for pretty much exclusive R1 distribution rights for their stuff:
FUNimation® Entertainment and Japanese producer GDH have entered into an
agreement to broadcast GDH's current and future hit series via online media
distribution and to collaborate on each series DVD launch in the US.
This really comes as no surprise considering all the Gonzo licences they have announced over the last two months. The good news is that it means we'll almost certainly see Romeo × Juliet, Strike Witches, and Rosario + Vampire released here in the US at some point in the near future. It also will help solidify Funi's position as the top R1 Anime studio.

UPDATE (3/24): Funimation has announced the first half season box of Romeo X Juliet for release on June 23rd, and Kaze No Stigma for June 30th. We will also be getting a re-release of the first season of Kyo Kara Maoh and Samurai Champloo in June. We should have all Funi's June releases posted to the site by 8 or 9pm tonight.

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