Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freedom Commercial Doesn't Suck

In consideration of Independence day coming up in a couple of weeks, this is the first piece of marketing material to come from the People's Automotive Collective #3 that I've seen in a long time that doesn't suck:

Sorry to our Brit friends, but how could the Redcoats be expected to stand against Washington's legions of attacking Dodge Challengers. Remember Lord Cornwallis held the line at Yorktown until redoubt #10 fell to the charging columns of hastily built but powerful Shelby GT's (though it's said Washington in his Chevy Camero did not personally participate in that attack).

Nothing is more American than a really phat muscle car that goes really fast and gets really shitty gas mileage - except perhaps a good German muscle car with similar specs - unless of course the American car is bristling with weapons.

And if you're scratching your head and wondering why Washington would attack the British instead of trying to 'use diplomacy', then you probably drive a Prius. I've heard the advancing British columns used to eat those up for breakfast...


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