Saturday, June 26, 2010

Funimation Adds More Former ADV Titles to Their Back Catalog

Funimation announced today that it has acquired the license to four former ADV Films series (all Gonzo stuff):

1) Chrono Crusade
2) Gantz
3) Kaleido Star
4) Peace Maker Kurogane

They didn't specify if they had licensed all or only part of Kaleido Star, and also didn't give a time frame for these to be re-re-re-re-released on DVD. If you are interested in any of these series now, we still have plenty of the ADV released DVD boxed sets in stock for all four series.

1 comment:

Starcade said...

Kaleido Star is my favorite anime.

It is also the perfect example of an anime which, economically, never should've been made.