Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Anchor Bay Picks Up First Squad!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning the hear that Anchor Bay (of all companies) has picked up the 73 Minute Anime OVA 'First Squad: the Moment of Truth', and says it will be released on DVD and BD later this summer!

The First Squad story, written by Misha Sprits and Aljosha Klimov, is set on the Eastern front in the opening days of World War II. A group of Soviet teens with extraordinary abilities are preparing to fight the invading German army, which is attempting to raise a supernatural army from the dead to battle for its cause. It won Best Animated Feature at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the Kommersant Newspaper's Prizes at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Synopsis: During the winter of 1941/42, the Second World War comes to a temporary standstill on the Eastern Front yet both Nazi and Soviets are putting everything they got in order to turn the tide in their favour. Meanwhile Ahnenerbe, Nazi occult organization within the SS, calculates that the next "moment of truth" (a rare moment when actions of a single man can determine the outcome of an event, a battle or even the entire war) is approaching on the Eastern Front. The man is some anonymous Soviet officer and unless he is eliminated, his actions are going to bring success to some local Soviet offensive. To eliminate him, spiritualists of Ahnenerbe summon the long-dead baron von Wolff from the world of the dead. To counter this plan, special occult branch of the Soviet Intelligence, called 6th Division, deploys it's best agent - 14-year-old esper girl Nadya, the only survivor from the special operations unit of 6th Division - the "First Squad".

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