Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Media Blasters Cancels Some Upcoming Manga

Media Blasters sent over a notice today with some date changes and cancellations. Fortunately, none of the date changes effected any of their Anime titles, but they did cancel the release of the following manga:

Akihabara Vol. 6 Graphic Novel AWNOV-0949 (9781598835342)
Gay's Anatomy Episode 0: Graphic Novel KGNOV-0914 (9781598834604)
Drawn to Him: Graphic Novel KGNOV-0917 (9781598835083)

They didn't actually say 'canceled', but cited these as 'removed from our schedule indefinitely' and canceled all retailer pre-orders for them. We've removed them from the store site until further notice. What this portends for the future of Media Blasters manga business, if anything, I could not say.


Oliver said...

Any word on any Media Blasters manga (notably Kitty Media Yaoi) coming soon? It would be great to know when they're coming out. I you mentioned they cancelled two, but they still must be printing Yaoi, right??

Robert said...

Not currently. Since the announcement in June there have been no new manga listed on their forward release schedule (either regular or adult) which covers from June to October. I'm afraid MB seems to be quietly withdrawing from the manga business, at least for now.