Monday, April 24, 2023



On Tuesday, April 25 beginning around midnight EST, the RACS team will be migrating the RACS store site back-end servers and performing upgrades on our store software. There may be short periods early Wednesday morning where order checkout will be unavailable. 

From Wednesday morning thru Thursday evening store availability and some functions/images may be spotty, however, orders should be able to be placed normally. During this period:

  • Order numbers will not be generated immediately
  • Order notification and confirmation emails will not be sent immediately
  • Realtime authorizations will be done, but auto-capture will not occur immediately
  • Existing coupons will function normally
  • Real-time discounts will function normally
  • Gift certificate redemption will not be available
  • Promotions will not be active
  • Some store images will not load properly

During this maintenance period customer service messaging will function normally.

Orders placed thru 5pm EST on Tuesday, April 25th will be processed prior to the store maint.

No store order shipments will be processed on Wednesday April 26th. Shipments should resume in the afternoon on Thursday April 27th, and we should be all caught up on order shipments by close of business on Friday April 28th. 

Having been through many such updates I'm sure there will be little SNAFU's that we will need to sort out on the other side, so our goal is to have all store functions back up and running Friday morning, and fix any cosmetic issues over the weekend. 

And don't worry, the store site itself is not going to change. It's not time for that yet... ;-)

We greatly appreciate everyone's patience during this period as the updates are a necessary step in the process to facilitate some new things we are planning to roll out for the RACS store site later this year.


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