Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Funimation Announces Black Lagoon Premium Edition BLURAY Box for November!

FUNimation has announced today that the complete collector’s edition of Black Lagoon will indeed be coming in November. The set will bring the first and second season plus Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA together in one set, and we now have it up for pre-order!

Black Lagoon Complete Collection BLURAY Premium Edition Boxed Set - Nov 17

This Premium Boxed Set Includes:

- Season 1 + Season 2 + Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA on Blu-ray
- Collectible “Ammo tin” chipboard box
- 60 page full-color art book
- Black Lagoon lighter
- Black Lagoon dog tags

Street date is set for November 17th. MSRP on the set is $89.98, but RACS will be offering the set for a very limited time in pre-order for the crazy low price of just $49.98*, so get your pre-orders in ASAP! 

*Additional shipping and handling charges may apply. See our super saver shipping rules for more info.


SERN said...

HELL YEAH!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Oh lord. Take my money, take my money now!

smitharron said...

is it still at 49.98

Robert said...

No longer. We got tired of people adding $2 patches to their pre-orders to qualify for free shipping (which forces us to ship them standard mail and that is not a good way to ship a collectors set like this). We were hoping that the ultra low price would encourage people to spend just a little extra coin and have us ship them premium. A few did, but most did not. Took all the fun out of the promotion for us.

smitharron said...

I completely understand guess i was to late maybe next time

SERN said...

A few bad apples spoil the whole bunch! Christ, sack up people! Bob is trying to do us fans a solid! Sorry about this Bob, for the record THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your generosity and I'm sorry to be lumped in the same boat as these "cheap skates".