Tuesday, August 18, 2015

US Theatrical Release for the Attack on Titan Movies Announced

Funimation has announced the North American theatrical release dates for both Attack on Titan live-action films. Attack on Titan- Part 1 will receive a limited theatrical release beginning on Wednesday, September 30.  Attack on Titan – Part 2 will debut on Tuesday, October 20.

Funimation also issued a new NA trailer, which is paired with the Japanese Red-Band trailer here:


SFF said...

It looks insanely exciting, and potentially very good.

By the way, I see something like this, a film that looks positively impossible to film and be credible and you wonder why they can't get a proper live action Evangelion film done. Go figure.

I mean with all of the technology at Japan's disposal now.

Robert said...

A LA Evangelion movie is always going to be problematic due to Anno sometimes being off his meds and all the other parties involved with the production rights. I often wonder if that's why we got Pacific Rim from Hollywood - it's Evangelion with the story changed enough to not have to pay a cut to the Japanese.