Friday, April 03, 2015

Viz Announces their Sailor Moon R TV Series BD & DVD Sets!

We've got a slew of new announcements coming out of Anime Boston this afternoon, so we're working late to get them all sorted out and posted. The first of which we already have up is Viz's announcement of the 1st Sailor Moon R sets, which are coming in July!

Sailor Moon R (Season 2) TV Series BD/DVD Combo Set 1 (Eps #47-68) (Limited) - Jul 14
Sailor Moon R (Season 2) TV Series DVD Set 1 (Eps #47-68) - Jul 14

Sailor Moon R is season 2 of the original Sailor Moon TV series.

Release date is scheduled for July 14th. Both sets include Sailor Moon episodes 47-68 and the limited edition includes a 96-page full-color booklet, all housed in a premium chipboard artbox! We're offering the Limited Edition in pre-order for a special low price, so place your order today!


Unknown said...

'Bout friggin' time!! Yes please! :-)

Unknown said...

I been waiting for this set