Monday, July 07, 2014

Viz Announces the first Sailor Moon Limited/Standard Ed Sets for November!

Viz has announced the first Sailor Moon sets which will be coming this November!

Sailor Moon TV Series BD/DVD Combo Set 1 (Eps #1-23) (Limited Edition) - Nov 11
Sailor Moon TV Series DVD Set 1 (Eps #1-23) - Nov 11

The Limited Edition DVD/BD combo set will include Eps #1-23 on both DVD and BLURAY and an 88pg full color artbook packaged in a premium art box. Disk extras will include art galleries, a behind the scenes look at the making of the new dub, some convention featurettes, and interviews.

The Standard Edition release will be DVD only and will include Eps #1-23, the convention featurettes and trailers.

BOTH versions will be Uncut and Bilingual, and will include BOTH the original Japanese track and the new dub Viz has done for the re-release.

We're offering both at a very special pre-order price for a limited time, so get your pre-order in today!

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