Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NIS Announces Their First Dubbed Release - Toradora Dub Edition Coming in July!

NISA has just announced that they will re-release Toradora as their first US English Language release!

Toradora! Complete Series Bilingual Premium Edition DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-25+OVA)
Toradora! Standard Edition Bilingual DVD/BD Combo Set #1 (Eps #1-13)
Toradora! Standard Edition Bilingual DVD/BD Combo Set #2 (Eps #14-25+OVA)

The new bi-lingual versions will come in both Premium and Standard DVD/BD combo editions, and will include both an English dub track and the original Japanese language track with English subtitles! MSRP for the Premium set will be $129.99 and for the Standard sets $59.99 each.

Both the Premium and Standard editions will street on July 1st, 2014 and you can pre-order your copies from RACS today!

The bilingual PREMIUM edition will include the entire series (Eps #1-25 + OVA) on both DVD (4 disks) and BluRay (4 disks), and also include a hardcover art book (full color, approx. 32 pages) with episode guide, character and relationship info, and gorgeous full color illustrations. Content extra's will include Clean OPs (2), Clean EDs (2), Mini Episodes (4), Bonus Clip, and TV Spots.

The bilingual STANDARD editions will include the series on both DVD and BluRay. SE #1 will include Eps #1-13 and Clean OP, Clean ED, Mini Episodes (2), and Japanese TV Spots as extras. The SE #2 set will include Eps #14-25 + the OVA and Clean OP, Clean ED, Mini Episodes (2), and a Bonus Clip as extras.

Series Synopsis: "Ryuji Takasu is cursed with his father's threatening face and is labeled a ""delinquent"" because of it. Even though this makes it difficult for him to meet people, he is madly in love with Minorin, the one girl who does not flee from him in terror. Taiga Aisaka is a notorious hothead with the nickname ""Palm-top Tiger."" She also happens to be Minorin's best friend, and what's more, Taiga has a crush on Ryuji's closest friend. This unlikely duo strikes a tenuous agreement to assist one another in stealing the hearts of the ones they love. They will face many hurdles along the way, but perhaps true love is closer to them than they think."

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Hokaru said...

What an awesome update! This is pretty exciting news. I'm especially excited to see how Nisa will handle a dub, especially considering the great voicework in all of their released games, and I'm positive this will be no exception. I am a fan of Toradora, so this will be a great chance to rewatch the series! I'll be sure to pick it up from you guys as soon as my wallet's a little more full, haha. Thanks for the update (: stay awesome!