Friday, January 04, 2013

Funimation Recalls / Postpones Release for Baka and Test Season 2 LE

Today our copies of the Baka and Test Season 2 Complete Collection DVD/BLURAY Combo Set (Limited Edition) arrived from Funimation. Just as we were getting ready to print out the pre-order tickets to send them out to the floor to be filled (and in what is probably the first case of impeccable timing since I started in this business 14 years ago) a message from Funimation flashed up on my computer warning us that a defect had been discovered in the set and that Funi was recalling all the sets that had already shipped out.

Apparently the sets shipped with the wrong art printed on the DVD disks. We will be returning our copies to FUni as requested, and they have pushed back the street date by two weeks to January 29th to facilitate the repressing and shipment of corrected sets.

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MARl0 said...

This is frustrating since I don't care about the DVD disks. All I want are the BluRay disks... : /