Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Clearance Figures - Now Marked Down Well Below Cost!


Earlier this year, in order to make room in the warehouse for all the new figurines we had coming this year, we took about 700 figurines (about 2,000 total units) that had been in stock for more than a year and significantly marked them down 20-70% for our figurine clearance event.

Since then that list has been shrinking, and most of what left is down to last 1 or 2 units remaining in stock. We currently have exactly 296 units left (across just about that many SKU's) of these clearance figures and toy items left in stock, and we really want to move the rest out before the holiday rush begins.

To accomplish this we've just finished marking down the remaining items an additional 10-40% off the clearance price. Every item on that list is now well below our original cost and is about as cheap as we can afford to sell it vs. just writing off the remaining inventory.

I'm posting this here to let you know about it first before we advertise the sale a few days from now, so check the list and see if there is anything you might want - everything there is a great deal, and since quantities are so limited I wanted to make sure you had first dibs before folks start coming in from the outside and gobbling the remaining figures up. :-)

Good luck!

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