Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready for Sandy

Sandy is coming. The Weather Channel indicates that we fall squarely in the 'you're fucked' zone...

Well, what else is new.

We'll be running a shift at the fulfillment center tomorrow but we're gonna have to play Monday afternoon and Tuesday by ear. If the power stays on and the roof doesn't come off, we should be fine, but whatever happens we'll try to make sure that any delays in the fulfillment of your orders are kept to a minimum.  If possible, I'll post any relevant updates here over the next couple of days.

And if we go offline for a short period of time, don't worry, it just means we're sitting in the dark rubbing sticks together to make fire. :-)

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: 10/29 12:16hrs - FedEx just sent us a message to let us know that all further outgoing cargo flights in our area have been canceled today and tomorrow, so we will not be able to ship out anymore Air Orders (2nd Day or Overnight) until at least Wednesday.

UPDATE: 10/29 12:51hrs - We'll be closed tomorrow (Tuesday) all day. UPS will be calling in their drivers in early today, so we will be shutting down later this afternoon after our pickups since we won't be able to get anything else out after that anyway until Wednesday.

UPDATE: 10/29 17:22hrs - We're calling it a day and closing up the warehouse. The wind gusts are really starting to pickup and the rain is staring to come down horizontal. I'll post more updates later if I'm able.

UPDATE: 10/30 17:09hrs - Looks like we're finally in the clear. Rain is still falling and we've got heavy snow to the west of us, but the winds have finally died down. Last night we didn't get much sleep as the wind was gusting hard enough into the front of our house to blow some of the rain into our copula vent (right up under the louvers) in front of the house, and that water did find it's way into the attic so we do have a little drywall damage on the front wall in the foyer and in the foyer closets. Should be fairly easy to repair, so I think we got off pretty easy. Jenn went over earlier today and checked the warehouse, and I was glad for the call because she reported everything OK. No roof damage, the power is on, and no flooding. So we'll be up and running again tomorrow morning. I imagine freight and mail delays going out of the area will be fairly minimal except to those areas in the Northeast directly affected by the storm. We'll have a better handle on that tomorrow when all our carriers have reported in.


Harold said...

My son is in North Bergen, NJ (across the Hudson from Manhattan) and is wondering what all the fuss is about!

MARl0 said...

Glad to hear you made it through it with minimal damage. Oddly enough, the hurricane actually helped to make the weather here in Wisconsin more pleasant than usual.