Monday, November 07, 2011

Sentai Picks Up A Channel and Un-Go

Sentai Filmworks announced over the weekend that they have licensed two new anime series - A Channel and Un-Go. Both series are currently being shown on various evil greedy streaming services, and Sentai did not say when these might be out on home video.

A Channel: Series about four friends; Tooru who has just entered the same high school as her best best and childhood friend Run, who is now a second year, and Run's friends Yuuko & Nagi in their daily lives. Toeru takes a test so she can enter the same high school as Run, the girl she likes. She passes, but when she goes to tell Run, she finds her hugging a girl she's never seen before.

Un-Go: With the help of his strange assistant Inga, "failed detective" Shinjuro Yuki solves crimes in a near future Japan still suffering from the ravages of war. Problem is, the credit always ends up going to super detective Rinroku Kaisho. Yuki Shinjuro is known as "The Defeated Detective". He is searching for something, either individual or an object, and he is always accompanied by Inga, a mysterious entity that he coerced by tempting him/her that he will show him/her truth of humans. Although, his deductions are always correct, it is often cast into the darkness by Kaisho Rinroku and conspiracy of the current government.

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