Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sentai Picks Up Rozen Maiden, Traumend, and Ouverture!

The folks at Sentai Filmworks (Section 23) have announced that they have licensed the Rozen Maiden anime series (12 eps), the sequel Rozen Maiden - Träumend (also 12 eps), and the 2 episode OVA Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre.

Some of you will remember that Geneon previously licensed the original series and Traumend in 2007, but the release got botched up when Geneon went under in 2008. Funimation then signed on the distribute the series for awhile, and did, but has since dropped the license too.

Everyone in the industry seems to get a shot at these licenses eventually, don't they? So this will be third time around for Rozen Maiden, though the OVA eps have never been released before. Sentai is planning a complete set DVD release of the series (both seasons + the OVA) during the holiday season this year, probably in December. They are also planning to release the OVA separately in case you already own the first two seasons. The OVA will be carrying a brand new dub from BangZoom.


Anonymous said...

(gets up from chair and prances around the room)


I've been waiting a long time for another fix of Rozen Maiden.

OK, so it's a dark and possibly sadistic variation on the story of Pinocchio. Still..... they would be an interesting bunch of people to know, Suigintoh especially.

tenkenX6 said...

A great license rescue by Sentai. Rozen Maiden is really good, IMHO. Very different from the shows you usually see these days, and is recommended viewing material, if you ask me.