Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yes, we just had an small earthquake here about 10 minutes ago. Apparently, it's a pretty decent sized one but 80 or 90 miles to our south. Apparently they are evacuating some buildings in D.C. I'm moving my folks here at our facility outside for a few minutes.

More later.

UPDATE: Looks like everything is OK, just the one tremor. Shook the office and warehouse here pretty good though. Very unusual for this area. We're back at it as we have quite a few orders to finish processing.

UPDATE 2: Devastation:


rossalthor said...

It knocked over a model boat I have on top of a bookshelf, but that was the extent of the damage here in NC.

Robert said...

It felt here like the floor was moving up and down. The big peanut bags in the packing area started swaying back and forth about 2 or 3 feet each way. No damage, but everything got jostled around a little bit.

D2M said...

It's really strange hearing about earthquakes on that end of the US. I if all those earthquakes in Japan are upsetting the table--plates--whatever those things are called--on this end of the world now?

I bet there were a LOT of confused people! They probably weren't even sure what was happening until it was almost over. That's how my first earthquake went, and I was in an area where they were pretty common...

Glad to hear everyone is ok!

MARl0 said...

I didn't feel it out here in Wisconsin, but they talked about it on the news last night, and said that it could be felt a bit around here. Though I didn't notice it personally.

I hope your lawn chair can recover!