Monday, July 11, 2011

Section 23 / Maiden Japan Picks Up Ray Anime

Section 23 announced today that it has licensed the 13 eps anime series Ray to be marketed under their 'Maiden Japan' label. Section 23 plans to release the series English subtitled only on DVD later this year.

Synopsis: After a terrible past Rei (Ray) Kasugano has dedicated herself to saving others lives for no money. She works as a doctor and due to special abilities she can see inside a person, making her very good at her job. As she works at the office a friend of hers and co-worker, Shinoyama works at home to create quick ways to save lifes along with her. Ray, Shinoyama and her female co-workers face many obsticles to save these lives but work together to do it.

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rossalthor said...

One of the best opening theme songs ever!