Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cat Shit One - If RACS can't ship it, you should skip it!

Production company IDA Entertainment (another brilliantly run Japanese managed Anime firm) has announced that they intend to release Cat Shit One - at least the single episode that has actually been produced - on DVD and BD here in the US in December.

The big downer? It will only be available from Amazon. IDA says because they wanted to handle international distribution for this video on their own:

"that unfortunately means we are currently not interested in collaborating with other television, Internet distribution, DVD, or Blu-ray distribution related companies."

In other words, they're not really interested in market penetration, just turning a fast buck on the small amount of series content they've already produced.

Well IDA, for that (just like AniPlex) YOU CAN SUCK IT!

Actually, the problem with IDA's production of Cat Shit One seems to be a chronic lack of funding or investment interest in the project. It has taken them a year to produce one episode of the originally promised full TV series, and while they gave it away for free to Japanese audiences on YouTube, they initially blocked the video for viewing by North American fans - but will now be making it available (with the dub) in November. All hail IDA.

I suspect they are going through Amazon for distribution so they can utilize Amazon's 'press on demand' service, in which the DVD or BD is not actually produced until it's ordered. It's the ultimate poor mans video production service, but it would allow them to offer the existing episode on DVD without having to invest a lot of money in replication. If not, I bet the R1 version will be close the Japanese price, and if it is - well, epic fail.

IDA says they are still working towards a full 12-episode series, but considering their track record so far I'm not too hopeful they will be able to pull it off.

As for the 'Amazon only' DVD release? For this one, I recommend you catch it on YouTube and skip buying it on DVD until a complete series is produced. I think it's really time to stop rewarding companies for these stupid distribution decisions.

Hey, I just had a thought about what out new mantra should be:

If RACS can't ship it, you should skip it! :-)

HEH, I like that. Maybe we should start putting that in our advertising...

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Starcade said...

If they honestly believe they can be an anime company with the rampant amount of misconduct and THAT attitude, I want to know what they are smoking, because it HAS to be good stuff.