Friday, July 09, 2010

The Small Business Zombie Apocalypse

For any of you contemplating starting and running your own business in the current economy, here is a really good illustration of what it's like for us:

Hint: That's us at the top. Have a nice weekend! :-)

Update: You can also look forward to stupidity like this. I think if this and the new Internet sales tax goes through, and they actually allow the investment and capital gains tax rates to increase (for which even 20% is WAY too high), a lot of us are going to think about tapping out. Who is John Galt?


Richard J. said...

No worries Mr. Brown! The government will raise taxes and then spend more! This will surely solve ALL problems!

Plus there will be more regulation, more red tape and MORE government control of your business! Which will surely help you to make more tax money for them!

Dear God help us all, they really believe that load of crap up in Washington. They really and truly believe spending more tax payer dollars, taking more money from the people and wasting it on failing companies and insane projects will make the economy stronger. What's worse, there are many voters who BELIEVE IT TOO!

Revolution is swiftly becoming the only viable option. Even if we vote the morons out, they're planning to pass MORE destructive legislation during the "lame duck" session. Even if we remove them now, the parasitic rent seekers will vote them back in.

If we can't make them see reason, there won't be any options left but lose our freedoms or fight.

cecil04 said...

A very funny illustration. I'm the person on the buttom.