Thursday, June 24, 2010

K-On! Tsumugi Kotobuki Figure - Limited Qnty Now Available for Pre-Order!

Alter has finally announced the K-On! Tsumugi Kotobuki 1/8 Scale PVC Figure to the export market, and they have added a catch. Due to some sort of licensing issue they are strictly limiting the number of Tsumugi's they are making available outside of Japan, and this qnty will be divided up equally among all their North American master dealers. I can't reveal the number that each North American dealer will be getting, but you could count them with your fingers and toes with toes to spare.

Because of the severe limitations being placed on our qnty, she will almost certainly sell out in pre-order. All pre-orders placed for Tsumugi will be entered into our system first come first served, will be non-cancelable, and we are strictly limiting her to 1 per customer. She should be shipping to us mid to late December 2010, so we should be shipping her to pre-order customers in January.

Reserve your Tsumugi today before she's sold out!

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Robert O'Connor said...

If I had to guess, the licensing issue has to do with the keyboard. I'm not all that familiar with KORG's instruments, but that's probably a pretty faithful reproduction of a KORG keyboard that Tsumugi is sporting there.