Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Funimation Gets Both Sekirei and Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

Funimation has announced the acquisition of the rights to the 12-episode Sekirei series and the 26-episode Tetsuwan Birdy Decode series from Aniplex.

In addition Funimation has also acquired to the original Full Metal Panic series and the 12-episode Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu from Kadokawa Pictures, which were both previously published in North America by ADV Films.

Series Info

Sekirei is a science fiction series about a hapless hero who has failed his college entrance exams twice. After he meets a beautiful buxom girl who literally falls from the sky, he learns he can be an Ashikabi and bond with the girl who is a Sekirei, one of the 108 humanoid creatures manufactured by the mysterious MBI corporation in order to stage gladiatorial-type conflicts. A second season of the Sekirei anime series is slated to air in Japan in the winter of 2010.

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode
The sexy heroine of the series is Birdy Cephon Altera, a cosmic police officer who heads to earth to apprehend alien criminals. On one of her forays she accidentally kills an innocent earth boy and has to fuse with him in order to allow him to keep living until his body is rebuilt. When trouble happens however she has to revert to her shapely crime-fighting form.

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