Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where is my Ah My Buddha Vol #5??!!

Media Blasters has a history of shipping releases late during the 4th quarter, and this year is no exception. The replicator they use always bogs down during the holiday season trying to get all their studio orders filled, and thus we get a lot of late releases. It's not really their fault except in not setting their Q4 street dates a bit later in anticipation of the delays. This happens at the other studios too, for one reason or another.

Right now Ah My Buddha (Amaenaideyo!!) Vol #5, The Five Bare Aggregates DVD is about a week and a half late, and Genshiken 2 - The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, Vol #2 is now a couple of days late. The folks at MB told me earlier today that AMB 5 shipped to retailers on 10/27, so we'll probably have copies of that one in tomorrow. GEN2 2 has not yet arrived from the replicator, so expect that one to be at least maybe, another week or so before it's available to start shipping out. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit DVD #7 (Eps #21-23) streeting next Tuesday will probably be a little late also.

Just a little heads up if you've been wondering when these releases were going to ship (or possibly how we suck because you don't have these yet)... -_^

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