Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Remembrance

8 years ago today I was in the shower when Jamie peaked in and said she saw on the news that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center buildings. 10 minutes later I was standing in a towel in the living room watching CNN and saw the second plane crash live and I will never forget the sinking feeling I had because I knew we were under attack by someone and I could not imagine how many people were in those buildings or what else that day would have in store for the country. We rushed into the office (our old warehouse building were there was no TV) and sat and listened to the radio for over an hour while the pentagon got hit, and then later came the announcement that the first WTC building had collapsed.

I got all our employees together and told them that we would not be filling any tickets that day, and that everyone needed to go home and make sure their friends and family were OK. We turned off the lights and locked up, and on our way home they announced on the radio that the second WTC building had collapsed, and that another plane had crashed in Pennsylvania. When we got home, we made a few calls to relatives and friends, and just hunkered down and watched the news for the rest of the day. It was one of the saddest days of my life.

So today we remember. God bless you all.

Army Major Tom Hanson pays respect to his friend Captain Cliff Patterson, Jr.,
who was killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the Pentagon.


Tokidoki Kawaii said...

I was at school (4th Grade and I just turned 8 at that time) when this happen. Ironically, we were studying history when there was a knock on the door of the classroom. My teacher went to see who it was and they were talking. We were wondering what was going on and then my teacher came right back inside. She resumed class but she couldn't help but cry. At that point, we were all worried and asked her what happened. She said we will soon know. We got out early, and there my parents and my cousin's family were all sitting in front of the television and I finally saw the plane crash and the towers fall. I couldn't believe it. Till this day, I still remember what was going on during that day, and I can't help but get emotional whenever I think about. But we stood our ground and here we are, "united we stand."

God Bless America <3 :D

robotjim said...

I was getting ready for work when my
girlfriend's mom called to say a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center, We should turn on the news. First thought was what
a terrible accident...Listening to the news on the radio on the way in when the second plane hit. Starting to think this can't just be a coincidence, someone is attacking us...Why??...Who??
Was still hard to really believe though. By the time I got in every
radio in the office was on and a short while latter they announce a third plane has hit the Pentagon.
The day just got worse from there.
I'll never forget watching the planes hit and the towers go down over and over again for days afterward thinking oh my God, all those people...gone, and trying to comprehend how anyone, no matter how angry and filled with hate could justify an act like that...
and how they could get away with it in this country.
May no one ever forget and God bless all who died that day.
Oh, didn't mention, another reason I won't forget...September
11 is my birthday...Still don't
remember what became of the birthday cake they had at work that day. Don't recall anyone eating any though.

Unknown said...

I remember I was working for Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield in the Building Maintenance Department that morning when I got a call from a coworker asking me if we had our TV on. I said yes, and she said to put CNN on quick. I went inside the inner room and saw the shot of the first tower shortly after the first plane had hit. My coworkers in the department stared transfixed at the scene, no one saying anything for a long time. And then we saw the second plane and the second strike and someone said, "I think that other plane hit the tower". None of us wanted to believe this was happening, but it was. I can't remember one bit of work I did that day because all I could think of was what was happening and how my own family was. The strike at the Pentagon was particularly painful as my family used to live and work near there. It's still hard to believe it happened 8 years later. I can only hope and pray that it never happens again. May God have mercy on us all if we become that complacent ever again.

Bigsnoops said...

I was working third shift in a plastic printing company and had gone home to bed. I usually left the T.V. on to drown out the noise of kids outside. I woke to get something to drink and the T.V. was still on. The sleep timer hadn't shut it off yet. I saw the first smoking tower and seriously thought I was dreaming. I just stood there until the second tower was hit and knew. I woke my mother and told her what was happening and just started crying saying "no,no,no..." over and over again. We just stood there watching the news coverage. I didn't even feel my tears until she handed me a tissue. All I could remember was being in there when I was a kid and how awed I was at the buildings. From the entry way to the observatory and the roof. It's just really hard.