Thursday, May 24, 2007

Haruhi Limited Boxes Are All Shipped - Hallelujah!!

Thank God it's over! After three full days at it I can finally report that we've completed shipping out all of the pre-orders for the Haruhi Limited box.

As one of the largest pre-order batches we've ever processed (for pretty much anything), I want to let everyone know that I appreciate your patience this week while we worked our butts off to ship all of these out as quickly as possible alongside regular orders. We got em done a full day ahead of schedule, and a pretty good percentage of the ones that went out Priority Mail should get to customers by this weekend, and the rest early next week.

Now it's Miller time...

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone, and enjoy the pics!

Jamie helping process Haruhi domestic batch #21 . There were 30 domestic batch's of 25 units each, and 5 international batches. Here you can see that determined look on her face of "'Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead" - or maybe that's an "Oh My God - How Many More...." Ron can be seen (with a similar look on his face) in the background working on some of the Overseas shipments.

Robert (ME) helping to process Haruhi tickets and answering e-mails from customers asking if their box has shipped out yet. Notice the tired look, slightly receding hairline, dark circles under the eyes, and 3 days stubble from not shaving - these are all requirements if you are thinking of running an Anime store... -_^

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Espeon said...

Your rock robert!
I'd so love you work in that place :)