Monday, February 07, 2011

The Only Way To Fly

Now this is my idea of air travel:

Who will be first to guess the characters correctly in order from left to right? :-)

Now where do I buy my ticket??...  (hat tip to Sean for sending)


gaiaswill said...

Rozen Maiden is in my fan domain. (I wish I had a spoiler tag.)

Hinaichigo, Shinku, Suigintou, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Kanaria, Barasuishou, Kirakishou

Age order bonus: 6, 5, 1, 3, 4, 2, 7?, 7

Robert said...


How about by seiyu?

1 Hinaichigo Sakura Nogawa
2 Shinku Miyuki Sawashiro
3 Suigintou Rie Tanaka
4 Suiseiseki Natsuko Kuwatani
5 Souseiseki Rika Morinaga
6 Kanaria Yumi Shimura
7 Barasuishou Saori Goto
8 Kirakishou (also) Saori Goto?

Anyone else care to give it a stab?

Baru said...

I can do the dub VAs! ... I like dubs

1 Hinaichigo (supposedly) Sherry Lynn
2 Shinku Mela Lee
3 Suigintou Karen Strassman
4 Suiseiseki Reba West
5 Souseiseki Julie Ann Taylor
6 Kanaria Cristina Valenzuela
7 Barasuishou Tara Platt
8 Kirakishou (also) Tara Platt?

Robert said...


Unknown said...

To heck with all that...which airline owns this plane ?

Robert said...

Gotta be ANA or JAL? Who else in Japan flies 747's?

Anonymous said...

We only see Kirakishou at the end of the series, and only for a few seconds as she follows the Demon of Laplace, as he juggles two Rosa Mysticas.

So how could she have a VA? Unless there's more Rozen Maiden video out there?

videophile said...

Oh I love Suiseiseki. I have a pretty rare figure of her from Dreamtech that I bought years ago. Great detail.

Baru said...

@DLandWRR217- She doesn't have a VA. People just like to imagine her with the seam voice as Barasuishou since they're so similar.

Thus the "?" in mine and Robert's posts.