Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My World - Collaboration

I am a micro-manager (but I've quit 1000 times...) and I like to carve my own path, but my best decisions are usually made after extensive collaboration with others. Sometimes when you think we're just chatting, I'm actually putting an idea or concept through the wash cycle a couple of times.

I need to remember to do that more often.


D2M said...

This isn't actually related to your post. It's just a question and/or complaint.

How comes you guys don't have wishlist capabilities? (Or do you and it's been "hidden" from me for all these years?!) This is one of those nice things to have that just about every other online store I shop at has available. I buy from you guys often enough that I really really REALLY wish you guys had wishlists. As it is I'm forced to use for my wishlist needs.

(And that's customer loyalty: using a competing companies wishlist to keep track of what I want to buy from YOU guys!)

Robert said...

How comes you guys don't have wishlist capabilities?

Basically, right now it would require linking that to customer accounts, which we don't have either:

And just because 'every other' store does it doesn't mean we need to or want to. How many online stores do you shop at that have a black background? Every web store consultant that breezes through here flags that as the first thing we should change, which is exactly why we WILL NEVER change that. I like our store. I designed it. I don't want RACS to be like, or look like, any other store you shop at.

There are many features that I would like to incorporate in RACS store 3.0. The plans have been on the table for awhile. Customer accounts cause me a lot of pain though. Some people want them and I can't for the life of me understand why. I HATE sites that make me setup an account to place an order, and I never use account based features on other stores. If I have a wish list for something, I just write it down. Anyway, I know what having those features means, and why the other compnaies offer them - and it doesn't have anything to do with 'ease' of shopping. They want to track EVERYTHING you do so they can market to you. I have always felt that we should offer an alternative to that level of privacy invasion. I know what customers look at and buy on the RACS site as a whole, but I don't know what you personally look at or do on our site before you place an order, and I don't want to know. That's YOUR business, not mine. I'm probably just old school in my thinking about this stuff - I still pay for small purchases at stores with cash.

So maybe they'll convince me on accounts/wish lists someday. Maybe not. We'll see, aye? :-)

Mikeski said...

I have wishlists for a few non-wishlistable sites, including RACS.

Create a bookmark folder named "RACS", save links to stuff I wanna buy.

Robert said...

That's a great idea!

D2M said...

Ah, thank you for replying. I will buy from you guys whether you have a wishlist or not, so it's not one of those "I MUST HAVE IT NEEOOOW!" kind of things. Sort of a "Will you guys ever have it?"

I don't know if you could ever do this, but there are stores that offer ordering with and without an account. I always liked that they gave an option, instead of forcing it on you. And with places where I don't intend on shopping there often I prefer not to have to make an account.

As for the tracking what I buy... *sighs* ... well, almost every place online keeps track of something. Even Google keeps tabs on us. (But I use them anyway, even their Chrome browser, because I love them so.) So--personally--I just don't worry about it any more. If I did, I think I'd go crazy and have to live in the wildy type woods.

But I appreciate what you're getting at. I really do.

And I like your black background. You don't ever have to change that. :P