Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In PA They Are Partying Like it's 1984...

This is what the state government is running on TV in PA:

Those darned Proles with their nice cars and nice houses, gotta make sure they pay the state their annual protection money so they can have permission to keep their stuff another year. Poor Tom probably doesn't even know he owes the state 4 large + interest and penalty. He's still busy trying to figure out the Federal tax code for his small business that is completely unintelligible:

It's still not as bad as trying to figure out PayPal's user agreement though.

Maybe Orwell should have named his book '2010' instead. Good grief people, what balls the state has to run an ad like that. If they are not careful, folks down at the tax office might start worrying about getting a 'John Malcolm'. The people know who THEY are too.

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