Thursday, May 06, 2010

FBI Shuts Down Comic Scan Site

From ICv2:

"The FBI has shut down comic scan site and seized its servers in a raid supported by a consortium of comic publishers, according to an announcement by Katten Muchen Rosenman, the law firm representing the publishers consortium. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Bongo, Archie, Conan Properties, Mirage, and United Media were involved. was the largest site offering scanned American comics, according to the announcement, with an average of 1.6 million visits a day and over 6.6 million pages of comics from 5,700 series. The site was “…producing rampant copyright infringement on a daily basis and depriving artists and publishers of hard-earned and much-needed revenue", according to the publishers’ attorneys. The FBI investigation was conducted by its Tampa Field Office, which led to the search warrant served in the raid."

Can you believe that a bootleg site was getting that kind of traffic? 1.6 Million hits a day is crazy traffic, probably puts it in the top 1% on the web.

Of course these were mostly US comics, and the raid was instigated by a group of US publishers on a US bootleg site. Huge companies like Marvel and DC have the resources to go after these folks. Most bootleg Anime download and scanlation sites are overseas anyway, and thus are not touchable by US law enforcement.

Still, does the kind of traffic that site got tell anyone how huge the bootleg problem really is?


ザイツェヴ said...

Way to buy into usual fallacies. Tried to multiply the number of Intel PCs in China by the retail price of Microsoft Windows yet?

Robert said...

Gimme a break. Like Linux has make any difference either. What you have there is an example of how, even when presented with a superior product for free, stealing and entitlement is built into the culture.

As an open source guy you should know better anyway. That's a product that is free by design. One things got nothing to do with the other.