Monday, October 03, 2011

Funimation Picks Up Guilty Crown & the .Hack//Quantum OVA

Funimation announced over the weekend at their Anime Weekend Atlanta panel that they have picked up both the .Hack//Quantum OVA and Guilty Crown anime shows. Funi plans to release the .Hack//Quantum OVA on DVD in early 2012. Guilty Crown will be streamed for now, and FUni did not say when they might be releasing the title on home video.

.hack//Quantum OVA is set in The World R:X setting of last year's .hack//Link game for the Sony PSP. In the story, the player characters Tobias, Mary, and Sakuya form a party in The World R:X for adventure but encounter a mysterious entity named Hermit. The encounter draws them into the all-consuming darkness taking over The World R:X.

Guilty Crown is set in Japan in 2039, 10 years after the "Apocalypse Virus" devastated the land in an incident known as "Lost Christmas." A multinational organization known as GHQ brings the lawless country under control, but at the price of Japan's sovereignty. One day, an unsociable 17-year-old second-year high school student named Shū Ouma encounters Inori Yuzuriha, a female singer who is part of the resistance to liberate Japan. Together with Gai Tsutsugami (Shu's 17-year-old rival who is a young "Jiikundo" pilot in the resistance), Shu and Inori fight with mysterious innate abilities known as "imperial powers."

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