Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Customer Comment

Being in any sort of retail is probably one of the most thankless jobs that exists.

This is especially true online, where (for example) people that you have never met can lay the blame that they waited to long to use the last coupon squarely at your own mothers door and in the most colorful language without the slightest fear you will come over the counter and introduce their face to your fist.

This also applies to Anime forum trolls, but I digress...

The reality of customer service work is that you rarely hear from customers unless there is some sort of issue you need to resolve, so this note that Mel send over today was really a breath of fresh air:

"Dear RACS,

As I sat in my room pondering what should be my next anime purchase; RACS popped into my mind. I then remembered how before I discovered RACS I only knew of the anime that came on Toonami (just made myself feel so old), Adult Swim, and 4Kids. My first anime purchase that did not come from any of those networks was Princess TuTu and Galaxy Railways, that I purchased from RACS. Ever since I discovered this wonderful store I feel as if my anime world expanded. At the end of the week I always make sure to read the newsletter, the newsletter helps me with decisions of purchasing certain items, and so far it hasn't lead me astray. The BEST thing I love about RACS is that the staff there is so wonderful, and I truly appreciate all the hard work the staff of RACS does for everyone.

P.S. I emailed the staff of RACS some cookies! They have macadamia nuts in them so if you have peanut alergies please don't eat them. xD


Thanks so much Mel! We appreciate it very much - and the cookies were delicious! :-)

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