Monday, October 17, 2011

Customer Comment from Myeisha

Myeisha wrote it today and said this:


I just received my package and I must say that I am totally, completely, utterly, satisfied! I was actually very surprised to see my stuff so neatly wrapped in bubblewrap. It made me feel like my items were given a personal touch. I'm not a frequent shopper here, but after my recent experience, I was reminded that I need to shop here more often! You guys even had a manga that my usual retailer sold out of!

A+++++++ for awesomness!

P.S I'm glad you guys started the free shipping for orders $49 and up as well! ^-^

M-chan ^-^"

WOW! Sometimes when we hear general comments from someone it's because they are "totally, completely, and utterly" incensed by something I said on some Anime forum 2 or 3 years ago, so it's really nice when it's the other way around. Though I'm really not surprised when people are happy with our order packaging - we do give it a lot of consideration, but considering how some of the other guys box up your orders, we could hardly do worse. -_^

Thanks Myeisha! We appreciate it very much! :-)


D2M said...

It's true, you guys pack your merchandise really well. I always know when I order from you that my stuff will come in one piece. (I really like that you guys put the manga in a plastic bag. I assume this is to protect it against the elements.)

Robert said...

We always bag manga for shipment just in case the parcel gets damp in transit. Also helps hold bundle of manga together and protects the books from getting rub marks against anything else inside the box. It's just good procedure I think.