Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funimation Confirms Retirement of More Geneon Licenses

I know this is probably old news, but here we go anyway. Sophie McNutt, an online community lead for Funimation, confirmed yesterday that Funimation has, or will soon, let their license on the following Geneon titles expire:

Familiar of Zero
Kyo Kara Maoh
Paradise Kiss
The Story of Saiunkoku
The Law of Ueki
When They Cry

All of these have been out of print basically since last fall anyway, but now at least it's official. They are already commanding ridiculously high prices in the secondary market, but I suspect that's because these editions will be the last DVD pressings that we'll ever see of these titles released in R1. I don't suppose anyone has tried to pickup one of those Cardcaptor Sakura DVD bricks lately? Ouch! Sophie also said:

"As far as I know, there are no plans to re-acquire these titles."  Well, no kidding.

My question? What the heck does an 'online community lead' do? Is that an actual job? If so, I'm guessing that is one of those 'gateway gigs' for that fresh outta college, newly framed business degree guy or gal (you know, the one with the minor in advertising) that you hire by pitching them that the position is some sort of fantastic entry level marketing opportunity but just ends up vampiring their professional (and probably personal) life away working your facebook, twitter, blog, and forum accounts?

Yeeesh, I wouldn't want that job...

...oh yeah, I forgot.


Nick Istre said...

Sophie's been at Funimation for several years now; she was my contact to get free give-a-ways, screening permissions, and DVD screeners back when I was running the anime track for a Sci-fi convention a few years back. I'd guess she wears many hats over there; it's good to see that she's still with Funimation.

Sadly, Kamichu and Saiunkoku are the titles on that list I'd probably most want, and in my current financial shape, I apparently didn't want them enough to justify getting them before. :/

Robert said...

I know who Sophie is Nick, I was just being a little snarky. She does wear a lot of hats. We all do.

MARl0 said...

Really disappointed that Familiar of Zero has no chance of ever being completed in North America. I loved the first season. And now a forth season was just announced. That's three seasons now of wasted potential for a series that got off to such a fun start. Guess I could just re-watch the first season again and again... : /