Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene is Coming

I've been holding off posting about Irene until we got close enough to get a better view of where it's headed. Even though those of us here at RACS HQ live and work a couple hours inland on the East Coast, it still looks like we're going have some sort of major effect from Irene as it passes up the east coast, so now we are making plans to batten down the warehouse Friday afternoon and head home to ride out whatever effects we get from the storm.

Our building here is designed for 85mph sustained winds, and we are far enoguh inland that I don't think we will be seeing anything like that here. Still, we're going to take a few precautions just in case - like bringing the picnic table inside and chalking the wheels on our travel trailer. And we already have cut plywood panels here in house if we feel like we need to cover the windows, as crazy as that might sound considering where we are. When Isabel came through in 2003, we had 65-70 mph winds here and some flooding. That was before our current building was built.

While the main track looks like it's going to skirt us and head straight up for New York, there is one westerly track (it's the blue line in the graphic above) that brings the storm in right on top of us, so we're taking this very seriously. If it moves significantly westerly overnight, we will probably cut out early tomorrow so everyone has time to go home and get their houses ready for the storm.

While we were talking about it today, it made me think of this:

'Fuckin Irene'. Yeah.

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