Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Availability Reminder

We're starting off a whole new year and I just wanted to post a reminder about availability dates based on a lot of e-mail inquiries that we've been getting lately.

From where we are sitting, this industry is a ragged patchwork of studios, middle men, importers, and direct sources in Japan, and we try to pull it all together for you in one place. That said, please remember that until something is actually physically in my warehouse and under my control, we can't really be responsible for when we're going to be able to ship it to you. Please don't get mad at us when the street date for a manga gets canceled or bumped, or a new figure doesn't hit in the target month we list. We do our best, and sometimes the arrival times we post are our 'best guess' based on what we know (or are being told) at the time.

OK, Nuff said. Now, time to get back to business! :-)

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Richard J. said...

Don't let the occasional fool get to you Robert! The Anime Corner Store has the best customer service period. (Which makes the comic you posted even more ironic and funny.)