Friday, August 28, 2009

A Novel Approach...

CNN reports:

'Investigators in Colorado say they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring in the Denver area that distributed pounds of the dangerous drug every week and laundered the profits using collectible comic books.

While arresting the alleged ringleaders, brothers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro, law enforcement officers seized about 100 boxes of first-edition collectible comic books. Investigators say one title alone is worth $3,500 and the total collection of comics is worth half a million dollars.

"It appeared they were working on a start-up company for high-end comic books," said Don Quick, the district attorney in Adams County near Denver.

Quick said the seized comic books included some first-edition Superman and Batman titles. The fragile, vintage comics were stored in plastic bags for protection.'

Tam says it's probably the "Worst Dope Smuggling Plan. Evar":

"The case was broken open when a detective noticed Jeremy Blascowicz grinding his teeth, constantly tugging at his neck beard, and talking at a high rate of speed for three hours straight about why Secret Wars was, like, a million billion times better than Crisis on Infinite Earths."

At least it wasn't first edition Saint Marie and Harukaze Bitter Bop manga volumes... HEH.


Richard J. said...

Why do people even try to sell illegal drugs? If you don't get caught right away like these idiots, you either have to work for sub-minimum wage, in a business where people slit your throat and pull your tongue through the hole for kicks or you might get rich but you have to murder people yourself and constantly have others trying to murder you. For a job that, on the average, pays less than flipping burgers and pays less if you make it big than other jobs.

And half a million in comics? I'd love to know where those end up. (Idiot government will probably burn them after the trial. Give 'em to the cops!)

Joe said...

The cop was obviously a comic fan. Anyone would have to be on drugs to think Secret Wars was better than Crisis on Infinite Earths. Heh