Thursday, July 02, 2009

Have a Great Independence Day Weekend!

Reminder - our warehouse and administrative offices will be closed on July 3rd in advance of the Independence Day holiday. All orders placed over the holiday weekend will be processed and filled when we return on Monday, July 6th.

For all of you folks out at Anime Expo this weekend - enjoy the show, and be sure to heckle Kleckner for me a little bit at his 'state of the industry' panel! I think he's out there all by himself this year! -_^

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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otakutx56 said...

Well, then let me be the first to make a comment. I am so upset about losing Anime Insider that it is not even funny. I looked forward to it each month. I would of missed out on Code Geass, Gundam 00, Eureka Seven, and many other awesome series if it hadn't been for A.I. And of course there was your Animail, Sensei Bricken. What am I gonna do now :(?
I know, I know, there's other avenues for anime news and insights...but I want my A.I.!!!