Monday, October 09, 2006

Updates - October 6th, 2006

Our move has commenced, is going very smoothly (so far), and is on schedule (so far). Between October 2nd and October 18th we will be moving into our new warehouse facility in Winchester, VA. During this time orders will continue to be processed and shipped daily from our old facility in Ranson, however, shipping of some orders will be delayed a few days as we begin to increasingly split our inventory up between the two sites, so please allow a little extra time for your order to ship and your e-mails to be answered during this period.

We will be closed from Noon on October 18th through October 22nd for the final phase of the move. Orders placed during this period will resume shipping on October 23rd from our new location in Winchester, VA. We've devised this schedule to cause the least disruption to our daily order processing operations, however, some shipping delays will be inevitable and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during our move. :-)

The shipping area of the new building being stocked up with supplies in preparation for operations later this month.

Right now here is what the move schedule looks like:

Oct 2nd
Administrative Office Furniture Area

Oct 4th
Art Book section
Apparel Section

Oct 6th
How to Draw Book Section
Plush Section
Urban Gear Section
Import Magazine Section

Oct 10th
Overstock DVD Section
Blank CD & DVD Media Section
Model Kit Section

Oct 12th
PolyResin Statue Section
Wall Scroll & Poster Section
Figure & Toy Pre-Pack Section #1

Oct 13th
Trading Figure Section
Figure & Toy Pre-Pack Section #2

Oct 16th
Snack and Food Section
Character Merchandise Section

Oct 18th-22nd (store closed)
Primary DVD Stock Section (28,000 DVD's)
Primary Manga Section (14,000 Manga Volumes)
Remaining Figure Inventory
All Remaining Racking and Fixtures

Oct 23rd: Orders Begin Shipping from the New Facility

So far, so good. Wish us luck!
This week in the news we got word of a number of release delays from Bandai and Geneon. Bandai sighted ongoing issues with their replicator for this round of delays, and we've been no stranger to those problems over the last couple of months.

Here's the list of delays:

Betterman DVD Complete Collection - 10/10/06 to 10/17/06
Fantastic Children DVD 4 - 10/10/06 to 10/17/06
Geneshaft DVD Complete Collection - 10/10/06 to 10/17/06
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix DVD 5 - 10/10/06 to 10/17/06
Shakugan no Shana DVD 2 - 11/7/06 to 11/14/06

Due to popular demand, we dropped the pre-order price of the upcoming GITS SAC DVD Boxed Set down to $59.98 (from $69.98), which means we're offering it for pre-order at 40% off the retail price! And no worries, if you already have a pre-order in for it your price will automatically be adjusted down.

It's October and our Third Annual 'Noemi-O-Lantern' pumpkin carving contest is off and running! Everyone has carved a 'Jack O' Lantern', but have any of you ever made a 'Noemi O' Lantern'? Well, here's your chance! Bosatsu has used our logo model Noemi and painstakingly created a comprehensive guide to carving your own personal Anime Corner pumpkin, just in time for Halloween! E-Mail us photo's of your finished Noemi O' Lantern on display and win a $100.00 Anime Corner Store merchandise certificate! We will evaluate each entry and pick the best Anime Corner carved Halloween pumpkin, then we'll announce the winner in an Anime Corner Newsletter in early November. Good Luck!

Jamie begins to put out and organize the art book section at the new warehouse.

This week has been excellent for both new Anime and Manga arrivals. Of note we received Negima Vol #3, of which most people have been ordering the limited edition version and Vol #1 of Full Moon, of which the Box version has been the most popular. After well over a year in the making, we also received the 2nd volume of the Tenchi Ryo-Ohki OVA, and I was very excited to get to see the continuation of that series! On the Manga front we have 26 new volumes from series like Ai Yori Aoshi, Platinum Garden, and one of my favorites Tramps Like Us. We also received a ton of new character goods and some more figures as well including the Revoltech Eva Unit 03's and the first of the new Macross Valkyrie from Toynami.

Finally, I wanted to mention again about the big figure sale that we have going on through the weekend. I decided earlier this week that we could save a lot of effort during the move if we could clear out some of our figure inventory, so I put every figure on the store on sale for 20% the regular price. RACS fans have responded, and we have sold 5 full racks of figures so far, and we've been able to sell out and delete over 20 different figures off the site pre-move. We appreciate the help from everyone that has taken advantage of the sale so far, and I also want to let everyone one else know that there is still time to grab a few at the sale prices before the sale ends and we start moving the figures to the new place on Tuesday the 10th!

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