Friday, October 20, 2006

Move Update [Updated]

Since I have not posted recently I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how the move is going. It's been all 14 hours days since Oct 2nd. Now it's 18 hour days.

The new place is going to be great though. :-)

We closed up Wednesday afternoon after shipping out the regular orders for that day. Then the big trucks starting lining up outside. I'm happy to report that we are right on schedule, and all of our primary stock is now at the new location (just not all put out yet). We've moved approx. 14,000 manga volumes, 3,000 figures and just about 870 '30 count' cases of DVD's over the past 48 hours.

We started at 7am on Thursday morning and worked until midnight, and the next 2 days look like it will be more of the same. Our IT cutover is happening on Sunday so we will be ready to start processing orders again first thing Monday morning. Needless to say I will be out of touch until Monday, but send me your e-mail inquires anyway and I'll work through them next week. I expect we should be settled in an caught up again with regular business and store updates by Friday the 27th.

Please see my Oct 6th post for the whole schedule, which has gone off pretty well. I attribute that to all the planning and preparation we did ahead of time. The only SNAFU that we've run into so far has been with Verizon. We won't have phones for another week or two. It's my fault, I didn't order the lines until the end if August.... Verizon is without a doubt the worst run company in the United States. And yeah, I'm taking Central Park Media into consideration there. -_^

Friday morning our entire crew will be getting together for breakfast before we start putting out the DVD's at the new place. If you are getting breakfast in Winchester tomorrow morning and see a bunch of very poorly dressed hoodlums making a lot of noise about Anime, that's probably us. :-)

I'm off to bed. We'll talk next week.

[UPDATE]: Friday Oct 20th, 8:40pm - We started early and made good progress today. We ended up a bit ahead of schedule late in the day, so we broke off about 6:30PM so everyone could go home and have an evening with their families. First time in several days for some of us. I took a few pictures today to share so you can see how things are coming along.

Items from the DVD section at the old warehouse are loaded into '30 count' cartons and tagged for transport.

Boxed DVD's are loaded onto special racks at the new place for off loading.

Racks of DVD cases move through one of the loading docks on their way to their area of the warehouse.

Trading figures as they start to be put out early Friday morning.

Racks of DVD's after they are put out at the new warehouse.

A good shot down one of the DVD isles at the new warehouse (note the GITS SAC special edition boxes to the right AND left). We cartonize or bin a lot of the products for pulling, but we actually hand stack all the DVD's in their designated area so that every DVD gets inspected prior to being put out on the racks. This process really helps us keep defectives to a minimum.

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