Friday, October 27, 2006

Updates - October 27th, 2006

Happy Halloween everyone! :-)

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since the last newsletter, and a lot has happened since then. Let me explain..., no there is no time for that, let me sum up... :-)

After closing for part of last week, the final phase of or move was successful and we have begun operations out of our new facility as of Oct 23rd. We all pretty much worked 18-20 hour days right through the weekend to get everything up and running, and aside from a few small glitches we are just about back to a regular shipping schedule. Store updates started again on the 25th,and we should have the store completely updated by early next week. This very necessary move has been in the works for about 1 year and our new facility is just awesome! We finally have room to move around again!

One of the glitches we ran into this week was a problem with the integration between the new shipping terminals and our order status system, which resulted in a few days without e-mailed order confirmations or status updates, even though orders are shipping out on time. I apologize for this, and we should have the problem resolved by Monday. In the mean time, Jamie (bless her heart) is in the process of sending out all the confirmations from this week by hand, so order status's should be completely up to date by close of business on Friday.

The new place is about 3 times larger than our old facility in Ranson, and the move to Winchester VA puts us within 2 miles of a large regional postal facility and a regional FedEx office which means we have much later drop off times for your parcels, and will be able to put them directly into the system which should reduce 'in transit' times to some areas. There are also many more benefits that will help us to serve you even better in the months ahead.

We want to thank all of you for having extra patience with us while this process took place. We are looking forward to being able to provide everyone with even better service from our new location!

OK, back to the Anime...

In the news over the past couple of weeks are several notable items that I thought you'd like to know about. First Funimation let us know last week that the Fullmetal Panic 2nd Raid DVD #1 w/ Limited Art Box is already sold out in pre-order at the wholesale level. We still have some room left in our allocation, but I recommend you order early to ensure one will be available for you when they come in.

Geneon announced a couple of new release delays:

Shana Vol #2 DVD 11-7-06 to 11-14-06
Disgaea Vol #1 DVD 12-19-06 to 1-9-07 (also, the Art Box version has been cancelled)

Central Park Media announced a few discontinued titles this week effective immediately, probably due to license expirations:

Legend of the Dragon Kings
Birdy the Mighty
Virgin Fleet
Harlock Saga (Sold Out)
Agent Aika (Sold Out)
Labyrinth of the Flames
Hyper Speed Grandol

A couple of these have not been repressed for several months, so the 'announcements' are coming a bit late. We've placed all these CPM titles on 'stock left on hand' status. CPM also announced they moved their offices, apparently someone is still alive and kicking over there - a good sign! :-)

Flash Gordon has just completed what has to be one of the most comprehensive reviews I've ever seen on a fan-favorite classic 'mecha' series. Don't miss this one!

The folks at Media Blasters have made a Demo of new Bible Black game available at the Kitty Media site. Remember though, it's strictly an Adults Only affair so no one under 18 is allowed:

Our annual Noemi-O-Lantern Pumpkin Contest is almost over, and we've already gotten several excellent entries. There is still time to get yours in - all you have to do is carve your Noemi-O-Lantern and send us pictures (or video) of it on display. Entries with video posted to You Tube will get special consideration, just include the link with your entry. The winner will be awarded a $100 Anime Corner gift certificate! Full details of the contest can be found here. One enterprising pumpkin carver has already shot a short video of his creation and posted it to You Tube!

This week has been catch up week for posting new releases that have arrived since the Oct 16th update. Getting inbound shipments re-routed to our new location has delayed the arrival of a few titles, but that will clear itselfup in short order. Lots of new DVD's and manga have been posted to the site, including a record 14 new DVD boxed sets! We also have a large shonen-Ai and Yaoi manga update that is currently in progress, and we'll be working on getting all the new items and the rest of the Dec and Jan pre-book items posted over the weekend (I might even have time to update the front page - finally!). We also received a large figure shipment that included Amy from Burst Angel and Carmen99 ('99' for her bust size in cm) from Gun X Sword which is one of my favorites. There was not nearly enough room to highlight all the new arrivals here in the newsletter, so make sure to checkout the Geneon $5 sale is coming to an end shortly, so please make you final selections from whatever we have left in stock:

Finally, I want to thank everyone again for your patience during our move. In return, I've included a sale coupon that should help makeup for any delays or bumps that we might have experienced over the past couple of weeks! Just use one of the following coupon codes when you place your order:

To save 4% off any order over $101, use the following coupon code during checkout:


Or, to save 7% off any order over $301, use the following coupon code during checkout:


Coupons are valid ONLY for NEW orders, and good through Tuesday, October 31st only, so don't wait!

Now, we're all going to finally be able to get some sleep! Well, at least a little... -_^

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