Thursday, April 27, 2023


UPDATE: The engineers weren't quite ready to begin last night, so we had to push the start of the server work up a day. We did end up processing and shipping orders placed on Wednesday April 26th.

After a 24 hour delay, we began our store server migration Wednesday, April 26th at 10PM Eastern Time (EDT). During this time, checkout will be disabled and even if the store is working, adding to the cart will fail. In addition APIs, such as Order API and Catalog API are going be disabled. There will be periods Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning when attempts to access the store site will trigger your browser's 'not private' or 'not secure' error message. This cannot be helped, so do not be alarmed.

After approximately 8 hours, sometime Thursday morning the store will come back online, checkout will be re-enabled and orders will be able to be placed. Once that happens availability and some functions/images will be spotty. Order numbers will not be immediately assigned to placed orders, and email confirmations will not immediately be sent. We have to turn these things back on step by step, so please be patient.

There may be some broken image links once the store is restored. That will be the last thing we fix once everything else is back up and running.

We will not be processing orders on Thursday April 27th. Order processing will resume sometime Friday afternoon, however, we may not catch up on email notifications until Monday May 1st. Looks like we will be working Saturday to wrap everything up. Hopefully, I can sleep on Sunday. ;-)

Again, thanks for your patience!

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