Friday, April 28, 2023


UPDATE: So far so good. Our store maint continues and everything is currently on schedule. We should complete the back-end maint sometime late this evening. 

The store is currently up and running normally, including secure checkout, and orders may be placed on the store site as per normal.

There will be no regular order shipments today (Friday, April 28th). Tomorrow we will begin to process orders and shipments that have accumulated since Wednesday evening. These will be completely caught up by Monday.

Qued email confirmations for orders placed since Wednesday evening will begin going out late this evening. Qued order number assignments will also occur at this time.

For a short time there will be a lot of broken images on the store site. We are bringing up all the back-end systems first. The new templates that pull the new image server URL's will be the last thing we do.

Customer service continues to function normally. If you have any questions about anything at all, just drop us a line.

There will be no newsletter today (Friday). I'm planning to work one up for you tomorrow morning after our systems are back up

We greatly appreciate everyone's patience while we complete this work. Thanks very much!

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