Tuesday, October 08, 2013

NISA Offers Replacement for Daily Lives of High School Boys BD Vol #1

NISA has informed us of a slight defect that has come to their attention in the first pressing of the Daily Lives of High School Boys Premium Edition set.

It seems that the initial pressing of Episode #8 on BD Disk #1 has a small artifact that appears on the screen, and NISA wants to replace the disk for anyone who has a set with a disk asset ID of DLH1-BRD-US-DSC-1 on the first BD disk of the set.

See picture below for location of the asset ID on the disk.

If you currently have a Daily Lives of High School Boys premium edition and would like for them to send you a replacement disk, just click here and fill out the request form.

They expect the fixed disks to begin shipping out in around two or three weeks.

By the way, this is the correct way for a studio to handle a pressing or production problem (nudge nudge 'Funi' nudge nudge) ...

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