Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NIS Announces Wagnari! Season 2 Collection Premium Edition

NIS has sent over the paperwork for their Wagnari! Season 2 Complete Series Premium Edition, and we now have it up on the store site for pre-order:

Wagnaria!! (Working!!) Season 2 Complete Collection BLURAY Boxed Set (Premium)

This premium edition includes a hardcover art book (full color, approx. 32 pages) featuring episode summaries, new character biographies, and original illustrations.

Release date is set for February 14th.

Synopsis: Sota Takanashi, Popura Taneshima, and the rest of Wagnaria’s zany crew are back in WAGNARIA!!2! Whether it’s Sota being reduced to tears over the death of an innocent bug, Kyoko calling in her old gang to cover some shifts, or Soma hilariously meddling in the personal lives of his co-workers, each day brings something new to the table! But if you’re a man, be warned! Inami still packs quite a punch...

Correction: This is a BD only set (unlike Season 1 which was DVD only). We made a typo in the original release describing it as a DVD set.


Harold said...

I have the first season set, and have to say that it didn't "gel" with me even after repeated viewings. Sort of a "one-joke" series and fun with good music also, but too tame, but other folks may love it.

Doug said...

Hi! You're listing this as a DVD set, but elsewhere it's listed as Blu-Ray only. Please clarify.

Robert said...

Definitely BLURAY this time around. Sorry for the typo.