Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Episodes of Hellsing Ultimate Streeting in Japan July 27th

Word on the street is that the LONG AWAITED next volume of Hellsing Ultimate (remember that show?!) will finally ship in Japan (BD and DVD) on July 27. It had previously been scheduled for June 22, but was delayed by the effects of the earthquake disaster in March.

This 8th volume of Hellsing Ultimate is the beginning of the third and final season, which will be 3 volumes in total. This final season is being animated by studios Graphinica and Kelmadick. Satelight and MADHOUSE animated the previous ones. Geneon had previously released the original Hellsing series done by Gonzo back in 2001.

The Hellsing Ultimate project has been in and out of production in Japan since 2006, so these new eps have been a long time coming. Funimation has the license to Hellsing Ultimate in the US, so any R1 release of these episodes probably won't happen until at least well into 2012, but at least we know they are finally coming! :-)


tenkenX6 said...

I wonder if they are eventually going to do a blu-ray release of Hellsing Ultimate in the U.S. I really like this series, so I would love to own it on blu-ray.

Robert said...

It certainly deserves one. I figure with the old DVD volumes now out of print, once the final 3 eps come over we might get a nice DVD/BD collection for the entire series sometime next year. Man, that would close a chapter in my Anime viewing life that has been open far too long!