Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NIS America's July Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

NIS America has announced two new releases for July this year, and this time around instead of just premium editions they are making them DVD/BD combo pack premium sets.

We now have these up on the store site for pre-order:

Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 1 Complete Collection Premium Edition DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-13) - Jul 6

Katanagatari Box Set 1 Premium Edition DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-6) - Jul 6

Arakawa Under the Bridge (Eps #1-13)
Ko Ichinomiya's family motto is "Never be indebted to anyone," but after losing his pants and falling into the Arakawa River, he quickly finds himself in debt to his savior, the cutely insane Nino who happens to live under the bridge. To repay her, he vows to help her with her desire to "experience love." Along the way he'll meet the river's other residents, including a hot-blooded kappa, a Sister in drag, and a literal rock star.

This premium edition DVD/BD combo set includes a full-color, 32-page hardcover art book featuring character art, descriptions, and commentary, interviews with the staff, and special episode information!

Katanagatari (Eps #1-6)
Legend has it the unrivaled blacksmith Shikizaki Kiki's masterpieces, the 12 Klesha Bringers, led the Sengoku Period of Japan. The "Land of the Rising Sun" was unified as one nation under one man. However, this man, the Old Shogun, feared a rebellion and enacted a notorious policy known as Katana Hunting, collecting 988 of the 1,000 katanas Shikizaki forged. Despite the policy, 12 of his true mastercrafts were left uncollected. The other 988 were merely experiments created for the sake of perfecting these 12, known as Klesha Bringers. Yasuri Shichika, the seventh generation master of the sword art Kyoto Ryu, and his older sister Nanami live on the isolated Fusho Island. One day, Togame, a Shogunate official dispatched to collect the Klesha Bringers, pays a visit to the island...

This premium edition DVD/BD combo set includes a full-color, 32-page hardcover art book featuring vivid, unique art work that conveys a story by itself, quest guides, including character information, and song lyrics from quests 1 through 6. A detailed glossary provides a deeper understanding of Japanese history and the traditional terminology used throughout the show.

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