Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funimation Did Get Some Downloader Settlements

From ICv2 this morning:

"FUNimation pressured some defendants in its One Piece downloading case to settle before the cases were tossed or dropped.

FUNimation's attorney in the case used a controversial technique to file 49 subpoenas with ISPs without the benefit of a judge, according to the report, and some complied by providing the identities of the downloaders. The downloaders were then contacted (the original suit was filed against 'John Does') and $1500 settlements demanded."

So Funi did go after a few specific downloaders who paid a settlement to Funi up to $1,500 each in order for them to drop the case. Hmmm....

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Starcade said...

Probably the only reason they still have Fractale.