Friday, March 18, 2011

Status of the Fukushima Reactor Accidents

Herschel Smith over at the Captains Journal is posting some excellent updates on the current status and progress of the containment efforts being made at the Fukushima Reactor plant. He is doing a much better job than the main stream media at assessing the situation given the available information.

As he points out: "The Japanese are performing heroically, and the main stream media will catch up in several days (or weeks). The current efforts are focused on radiological source term and thus dose mitigation, not the prevention of core melt events."

UPDATE: A great chart that brings radiation exposure into context.

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Hernanicus said...

I read your newsletter and wnated to send you a huge "clap clap clap"
For a while, the only concern about anime industry should ne the people in Japan and the lot of victims, deads and missing persons and we shpuld try to do our best to help in any means... the rest is secondary.
I'm in Chile and we got an 8.8 earthquake a year ago and we are still recovering, so the task for Japan is huge.
Once again Bravo Robert!.