Monday, September 28, 2009

Funimation Picks Up Initial D and 'X'

Funimation announced at the New York Anime Festival over the weekend that they have picked up Initial D from Kodansha (which was formerly held by TokyoPop and had fallen out of print). Funi also picked up the X anime TV series and the X OVA (formerly held by Geneon and also out of print), both of which are based on the apocalyptic manga series from Clamp.

Funimation indicated that it has acquired most of the various Initial D anime series, the 26-episode First Stage (1998), the 13-episode Second Stage (1999), the 2-hour anime movie Third Stage (2001), the 24-episode Fourth Stage (2004-2006), and the 2-episode OVA Initial D Extra Stage (2000). No mention was made of the 50-minute Initial D Battle Stage movie from 2002, the 1-hour Battle Stage 2 movie from 2007, or the 50-minute Extra Stage 2 OVA from 2008. Tokyopop had previously released the first two Initial D Stages here in North America and changed some of the characters names. Funimation’s Initial D releases will feature a new English cast, will be uncut, and will retain the original music tracks.

Funimation will keep the old Geneon English dubs of the 50-minute X OVA from 2001 and the 24-episode X TV series for the re-release which will come next year.

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